Educational materials available for digital globes

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, in collaboration with New Bedford Ocean Explorium, invites you to explore the deep sea with movies and datasets formatted for spherical display systems, including NOAA's Science On a Sphere. Our complete educational package for the Global Viewport to Deep-Sea Vents is available at the Woods Hole Open Access Server here:

The new content is matched to Earth Science and Ocean Literacy Principles.


Here are two compilation videos from the Global Viewport to Deep-Sea Vents.


Life without Sunlight

Smoke and Fire Underwater


View the entire playlist here:

hydrothermal vents

What are hydrothermal vents?

Explore vent basics, vents around the world, vent chemistry, boiling points, videos, and test what you've learned with quizzes.

Science on a Sphere

What is Science On a Sphere?

SOS is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data. 


Where are deep-sea vents?

Explore WHOI datasets and movies in NOAA's SOS Data Catalog. Learn more »

The Global Viewport for Virtual Exploration of Deep-Sea Vents is a collaboration between the
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the New Bedford Ocean Explorium, funded by NSF award #1202977.

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