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Each Jason launch is a carefully choreographed dance involving engineers, technicians, pilots, and Atlantis crew members. In this video, follow along as the remotely operated vehicle is deployed from the ship for the first time during our expedition.

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In a series of video clips, co-principal investigators Stefan Sievert and Jeff Seewald describe their goals for Expedition 15, the new technology they’re using to gather samples in the deep ocean, and the scientific challenges they’ll face along the way. Launch interactive »


Welcome to the research vessel Atlantis! Of the 31 scientists and technicians who joined this expedition, nearly half grew up speaking languages other than English. In this video, hear researchers’ greetings in Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Greek, Spanish, and Italian. View video »

lab setup

The first day aboard Atlantis is a flurry of activity, as scientists and technicians rush to unpack gear from shipping crates and reassemble it ino, you’ll s the lab. In this time-lapse videee just how much stuff can be crammed onto a workbench in the span of an hour. View video »


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