January 22, 2014 Slideshow

Members of the Jason team, seen here earlier in the expedition, prepare to recover the remotely operated vehicle after it arrives at the surface. (Clockwise from bottom: Rick Sanger, Tito Collasius, James Pelowski, Korey Verhein)

Atlantis’ cook, Brendon Todd, prepares a loaf of fresh rosemary bread in the ship’s galley.

Jason technician Phil Santos (left) snaps a sunset photo of Miri Sollich on Atlantis’  stern.

Moments after the previous photo was taken, the sun slipped near the horizon, casting a beautiful orange glow on the clouds.

Two mascots have a place of honor on an electrical box on Atlantis’ bridge. The hula dancer, which has been a long-time fixture on the ship, was joined by the nutcracker figure added just after New Year’s Eve, 2014.

Members of the science team watch Miri Sollich present her research. As Atlantis cruises back to Panama, many of the researchers have been giving talks to share their work.

Earlier in the cruise, crew members got ready to recover an elevator as it rose to the surface. (Left to right: James McGill, Richie Barnes, Allison Heater).

This blackboard drawing was made by a class in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany, in anticipation of a Skype call with Chief Scientist Stefan Sievert. Thanks to our international friends for following Dive and Discover!

First Assistant Engineer Steve Walsh takes a short fishing break on a brilliant afternoon.

On a particularly windy day, the Atlantis is tossed back and forth in 20-foot waves. Occasionally, the water breaks over the side of the ship, creating a “dishwasher” effect as it appears through portholes like this one.


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